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Version Minecraft 1.7.10
Players 1 / 100
Status Server is online

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Status: Featured
ServerName: Dragon Block: Legends of Z (Status: Alpha v0.3)
Languages: English(US and British)
Website: http://legendofz.jingames.net
Owner: DDraig18
Contact: Discord:#7153; Skype:DDraig18; E-mail: legendofz@outlook.hu
Plugins: Essentials, WorldEdit, and the others.
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403


»Dragon Block: Legend Of Z«

Brand Opening in Alpha version!!(Only some fight and some training)
In plan:

  • Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super sagas
    • First: Dragon Ball Z
  • Max Stats: 30.000
  • Opening TP Gain: 3x
  • keepInventory: On


  • Added BOSS RUSH
  • Events in plan:
    • Vegito (Base), Super Vegito, Vegito Blue (every 2nd weekend)
    • Legends are here again:(every 2nd weekend)
      • Heroes: 
        • SSJ Goku -> SSJ2 Goku -> SSJ3 Goku -> God Goku -> SS Blue Goku
        • SSJ Teen Gohan -> SSJ2 Teen Gohan
        • Mystic Gohan
        • Super Vegeta -> Majin Vegeta -> SSJ2 Vegeta -> SS Blue Vegeta
      • Villains will be scripted in the next upgrade.

You can send E-mails if you want tell us something: legendofz@outlook.hu

We're waiting for you! Become a Legend!




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